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Buffalo Kill in Simbalili
Elephant in Sabi Sand
Leopard in Exeter
Lion Feeding in Simbambili
Lion Feeding in Simbalili
Lion in Thornybush
Male Lion in Exeter
Sunset in Sabi Sand
Sunset in Sabi Sand
Van Zyl wedding, Sabi Sabi (all wedding and accommodation arrangements done by Africa Direct)
Cheetah in Djuma
Bateleur in Kirkmans
Buffalo in Djuma
Dominant Male Leopard in Djuma
Kingfisher in Kirkmans
Leopard in Djuma
Leopard with kill in Djuma
Male Leopard in Djuma
Swimming Elephant in Djuma
Yawning Leopard
Young Leopard in Kirkmans
Zebra in Sabi Sabi
Tawny Eagle in Nkorho
Springbok in Kalahari
Weaver in Galago
Rhino in Sabi Sabi
Lions in Savuti
Lion in Savuti
Lion in Kirkmans
Lioness in Leopard Hills
Lion Kill in Leadwood
Lion Cub in Sabi Sabi
Lion Cub in Exeter
Leopard in Leadwood
Leopard in Exeter Dulini
Leopard Cubs in Gomo Gomo
Leopard Cub in Gomo Gomo
Kingfisher Kruger
Sunrise in Kalahari
Impala in Sabi Sabi
Hyena Kruger
Hippo in Leopard Hills
Giraffe in Kirkmans
Egyptian Geese Kruger
Cheetah in Exeter
Bushbock in Exeter
Buffalo in Leopard Hills
Black Shouldered Kite Madikwe
Bee Eaters in Djuma
Bee Eater in Djuma

The golden rule here is to pack as lightly as possible.

You don't want to be stuck with a lot of heavy baggage that you might not use anyway.

Space will be at a premium in the safari vehicle and also if you are going to be using a light aircraft to get to the camp.

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